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Fence Panel 576 - Planed Timber, 18mm T and G Boards, 4x2 Frame

Fence Panel 576 - Planed Timber, 18mm T and G Boards, 4x2 Frame


This strong and attractive 6' wide (1.8m) arched top decorative fencing panel is available in two heights, approximately 6' (1.8m) or 6'6" (1.95m). Features include a strong ex 4"x2" smooth planed outer frame with morticed and tenoned corner joints for extra strength. The boards are 18mm thick interlocking tongued and grooved with a smooth planed finish and around 4 times thicker than standard fence slats. All timber is pressure treated, a lifetime preservative treatment which ensures greater durability. All timber is smooth planed which lasts longer than standard sawn finish timber. The minimum order is five panels and you can add as many extra panels as you need. You can also add a wide range of accessories including posts, post caps, post supports and panel fixing clips. Gates and gate ironmongery are also available.

Prices fixed until Wednesday 14th June.

The prices INCLUDE DELIVERY. The minimum order is 5 panels. You can add as many extra panels as you like.

5 panels 6' wide x 6' high (1.8x1.8m)£949
5 panels 6' wide x 6'6" high (1.8x1.95m)£999


  • All timber used in the construction of this fencing panel originates from sustainable forests
  • All timber is pressure treated (lifetime preservative treatment)
  • Scandinavian redwood or whitewood
  • Strong ex 4"x2" outer frame (finished size 95x38mm after machining)
  • Smooth planed outer frame with rounded edges
  • Morticed and tenoned outer frame corners for greater strength
  • Smooth planed interlocking tongued and grroved boards
  • Ex 5" wide boards (finished size 18x120mm after machining)
  • During manufacturing each end of the boards are slotted into a groove in the outer frame, which ensures greater panel strength
  • Arched top design
  • Arches made with glued and laminated timber
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Smooth planed timber throughout, which lasts longer than standard sawn timber

SCANDINAVIAN REDWOOD OR WHITEWOOD: The most widely used timber in the UK for years, Scandinavian Redwood and Whitewood grow in the well managed forests of Scandinavia and the coldest parts of Northern Europe. The cold climate ensures slow growth. The growth rings are much closer together than faster growing trees from warmer climates. As a result the timber is heavy and durable with a close grain pattern. The wood is seasoned and kiln dried to achieve the correct moisture content before it is machined. Redwood and Whitewood are so similar in appearance and performance that it is difficult to tell the difference. Both are classified as slightly durable and treatment is required for outside use. The forests of Scandinavia and Northern Europe have been responsibly managed on a sustainable basis for centuries so Scandinavian Redwood or Whitewood is an enviromentally friendly choice.

PREMIUM QUALITY DESIGNER FENCING PANELS - THE BENEFITS: These premium quality high specification fence panels are designed not only to look good but also to last longer than any other fencing panels. Quality features include thicker framing, thicker tongued and grooved boards, stronger corner joints, more durable fixings and smooth planed timber. Standard fencing panels feature wafer thin timber, crude construction and rough sawn timber. Although most designer fencing panels are a little stronger and better made, none come close to the superb specification of these heavy duty panels.

These premium quality panels feature a massive 4"x2" (90x45mm) frame, with strong morticed and tenoned corners. Most fencing panels do not include a properly jointed outer frame at all, but it is an important way to hold the panels together in extreme conditions. The boards are 18mm thick and fully interlocking tongued and grooved. The fixings are all stainess steel. In addition, the boards and framing are planed timber which lasts longer. Sawn timber has a rough finish which absorbs much more water and takes longer to dry. Planed timber is smooth so water drains quicker and the wood dries quicker.

PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER: Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. The preservative is forced deep into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface. All other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. With pressure impregnated timber, the chemicals are permanently bonded to the cell structure of the wood at a molecular level. Tanalith E is a widely used water based version so pressure treated wood is often described as tanalised. Pressure treated wood is almost colourless except for a slight green tint caused by the copper content in the preservative. No further preservative treatment is ever needed. However, if you want a coloured finish you can paint over pressure treated or tanalised wood with normal wood preservative in any colour.


  • Add any number of individual extra panels, as few or as many as you need, subject to a minimum order of 5 panels
  • A choice of 6' or 6'6" nominal height, actual heights 5'11" or 6'5" (1.8m or 1.95m)
  • Pressure treated fence posts, smooth planed with rounded edges, in a choice of lengths
  • A choice of fence post dimensions, either ex 3"x3" (finished size 70x70mm) or ex 4"x4" (finished size 90x90mm)
  • A choice of post supports to suit 3"x3" or 4"x4" posts, including drive-in spikes, bolt down brackets and concrete-in stirrups
  • A choice of post caps to suit 3"x3" or 4"x4" posts, either wooden or stainless steel
  • Panel fixing clips
  • A choice of single and double gates with a wide choice of widths, heights and styles
  • Gate ironmongery packs, including hinges, bolts and latches

WOODEN FENCE POSTS: Pressure treated timber fence posts are available in a range of lengths to suit your needs. The wood is smooth planed throughout with rounded edges, partly to ensure extra durability but also to provide a more refined appearance than standard sawn posts. The posts can be set in the ground, normally in concrete, or you can use galvanized steel post supports. If you plan to set your posts in the ground we recommend posts at least 2' or 24" longer (600mm) than the fence height e.g. 6' high panel requires 8' long posts. However, for best results with 6' high panels we recommend longer 9' posts, which are 3' or 36" longer (900mm) than the fence height. Longer posts are also recommended at sites with a significant slope. If you plan to use steel post supports we recommend posts at least 1' or 12" longer (300mm) than the fence height e.g. 6' high panel requires 7' long posts.

The most popular post size for fencing is 3"x3" but we also offer 4"x4". That extra inch does not sound much but it is much stronger. We recommend 4"x4" posts at any exposed site, especially for 5' or 6' high panels. It is also worth considering 4"x4" if you are paying for professional installation. The cost of installing fence panels with 3"x3" or 4"x4" posts is exactly the same but the fence with thicker posts should last longer.

A CHOICE OF POST CAPS: Post caps are not only an attractive design feature but also an important way to protect your investment. The post caps cover and protect the exposed end of each post to keep the water out, which ensures greater durability. They are also a great way to enhance the appearance of your fence. We offer two distinct styles. You can choose either matching timber posts caps for a more traditional appearance or galvanized steel post caps for a more contemporary look. Our post caps all feature a decorative round ball which also discharges rainwater. The wooden post caps are larger in area than the posts to ensure an overhang. The ideal fixings are small and narrow lost head nails fixed from above at an angle. The galvanized steel post caps surround the top of the posts and are fixed from the side.

PANEL FIXING CLIPS: Our zinc plated steel panel fixing brackets are designed to fix our fencing panels securely, neatly and discreetly. The L-shaped design means that if all clips are fitted facing the same way, they are only visible from one side. Our fence panels are heavier than normal fencing panels so our clips are stronger. We recommend fixing 5' and 6' high panels (1.5m and 1.8m) using 6 clips per panel, with 3 clips each side. We recommend fixing 3' and 4' high panels (0.9m and 1.2m) using 4 clips per panel, with 2 clips each side.

GALVANIZED STEEL POST SUPPORTS: We offer a choice of different steel post supports to simplify and improve the installation process. Setting posts in the ground in the traditional way requires the excavation of deep holes. Care is also required when backfilling the holes. You can use wet concrete, dry lean mix concrete or compacted rubble. Concrete should be finished below ground level and chamferred away from the post at the top. At the bottom the post must penetrate below the concrete for drainage purposes. A degree of skill and effort is required and there is always the worry that posts set in the ground are more likely to rot over time. Posts set in our steel post supports should be set above the ground with little or no direct contact with the ground. We offer 3 types of steel fence post supports:

DRIVE-IN SPIKES: Short offcuts of wood are placed in the sockets and the spikes are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer. The offcuts should be about 8" long (200mm). You can use offcuts from the fence posts or any similar wood offcuts. This method can be very quick and easy, especially in softer soils. However, it can be harder in heavy clay or stony ground. It is not always as precise as other methods because a large stone below ground may deflect the spike slightly out of line. Professional fence erectors do not often use drive-in spikes which were developed for the DIY market. This is our most popular type of post support.

BOLT DOWN POST SUPPORTS: Bolt down post supports can save you a lot of work if your fencing passes over an area of existing concrete. Instead of breaking up the concrete or cutting a hole through it you can simply bolt one or two of these post supports directly into the concrete. 2 fixings are required per post support, on opposite sides, so you just need to drill a couple of holes. Although much easier to use these post supports are not as strong as the other options we offer, so we do not recommend fixing long runs of fencing this way. There are 2 slightly different types offered. The box shape socket surrounds the post to provide the strongest fix if this is your preference. The U-shape socket can be fitted with the flanges barely visible if this is you prefer.

CONCRETE-IN STIRRUPS: These concrete in stirrups or H-brackets are the best method we know of for installing fence posts, combining the best of the traditional way with the best of modern engineering. Professional fence erectors should be happy with this method although it may take longer. The bottom half of the stirrups are set in concrete which requires holes to be excavated, but the holes are not as deep as traditional post holes. The combination of concrete and thick steel is immensely strong. The top of the stirrup should be above the concrete. For greater precision the posts can be concreted as the posts are fitted. Alternatively, the stirrups can be concreted in advance, which is quicker but precise positioning is required. The uppermost flanges can be fitted in 2 different ways. At the most exposed sites the flanges should be front and back for maximum strength. At less exposed sites the flanges will be barely visible if they are fitted from side to side.

GATES: Our superb selection of great value single and double gates are available in a range of heights and widths to suit most requirements. Styles include palisade style gates with vertical pales, joinery gates with tongued and grooved boarding and gates to match your choice of fencing. Our deluxe gates are surprisingly affordable and feature joinery frames with comb jointed or morticed and tenoned joints. Ironmongery packs are available as an option.


  • Delivery is normally between 6 and 9 weeks after order
  • Our prices include all delivery charges - unlike others we do not add delivery charges during the checkout process.
  • Please provide at least one DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER where you can be contacted during the daytime if needed.
  • If you cannot be at home to receive the goods we can deliver by appointment - please contact us for options.
  • This fencing is delivered as a very large pack. The driver can unload it quickly and easily without assistance. Often the driver can wheel the pack onto a level drive with a hard surface such as tarmac or block paving otherwise the delivery is kerbside. It is not normally possible to deliver the pack into the back garden. The pack is strapped and sealed on delivery but after the pack is opened the individual components are easy to carry.

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Features and Accessories

FENCING xx - Rapid stting concrete
Rapid stting concrete
FENCING xx - Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
FENCING xx - Elevation drawing 6x6
Elevation drawing 6x6
FENCING xx - Single and double gates, pressure treated timber
Single and double gates, pressure treated timber
FENCING xx - Panel clips
Panel clips
FENCING xx - Post caps
Post caps
FENCING xx - Fence posts, pressure treated timber
Fence posts, pressure treated timber
FENCING xx - Fence posts, slotted concrete
Fence posts, slotted concrete
FENCING xx - Post supports
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