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Repackaged Aluminium Lean To Gazebo 372 - Adjustable Height, Polycarbonate Roof

Repackaged Aluminium Lean To Gazebo 372 - Adjustable Height, Polycarbonate Roof
The first two pictures show a smaller 10'x16' gazebo. The third and fourth pictures show close up detail views with some bolt covers removed for clarity.


This low maintenance lean to aluminium gazebo is 10'x18' (3m x 5.6m). Standard features include a strong and durable powder coated aluminium frame with a tinted twinwall polycarbonate roof canopy. Also included are 3 support posts. Base plates with pre-drilled holes are included to ensure easy fixing into any hard surface. The adjustable design allows the ridge to be raised or lowered. In addition, the eaves height and the exact position of the support posts can also be varied. Polycarbonate is increasingly popular as a gazebo roof due to the combination of durability, good light transmission and reduced glare. It is stronger than a canvas canopy and provides good protection for garden furniture. This versatile gazebo is also suitable as a hot tub cover or a smoking shelter. Instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

REPACKAGED PRODUCT: Our repackaged products are intact and fully usable. The price has been reduced because the product has been returned or the packaging has been damaged and it is no longer as new. All components are fully usable although there may be some imperfections or scratches. Our normal aftersales service is available for missing or faulty components.

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REPACKAGED PRODUCT: This product is similar to a seconds quality. It should be essentially complete and fully functional although the packaging may not be in new condition. All major components should be usable although there may be some imperfections and scratches. All major components should be present with no significant shortages unless listed although a few minor components such as screws, washers or cover caps may be missing. Our normal replacement parts service is available for faulty components as for new products.

Our repackaged products offer an opportunity to save money. Sometimes the packaging was damaged in our warehouse or in transit. Sometimes the product was returned or a customer ordered the wrong model. Some components may have minor damage. Whatever the reason, unless we can see that the product and packaging are in new condition we will not send it out as new. Instead we offer the product for sale as “repackaged”.

Repackaged metal products may include more imperfections than a new product including a higher incidence of small dents and creases, scratches, chips and other blemishes. It may be possible to site components with visible blemishes in a less prominent position if there is more than one.

  • Powder coated aluminium frame
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Extruded hollow section box profile profile framing throughout with concealed full length stiffeners to provide extra strength and rigidity
  • Extruded 80mm x 40mm box profile aluminium posts with rounded corners
  • Extruded 80mm x 40mm box profile aluminium eaves beam with rounded corners
  • Extruded 60mm x 40mm box profile aluminium glazing bars
  • Extruded 150mm x 50mm structural aluminium ridge beam
  • Extruded 90mm wide structural aluminium gutter
  • 3 aluminium posts included
  • Aluminium posts 6'7" long (2000mm)
  • Tinted 6mm thick twinwall polycarbonate roof
  • Glazing bars at approximately 24" centres (610mm)
  • Integral glazing system holds the polycarbonate glazing in position securely
  • The unique glazing bar design retains the polycarbonate panels with continuous vertical grooves to each side
  • 2 moulded gutter stop end outlets included, with downpipe connectors suitable for rigid pipes or flexible hoses
  • Moulded glazing bar end plates included
  • 2 triangular eaves braces per post to ensure stability
  • Pre-drilled base plates ensure easy fixing into any hard surface including concrete, paving or decking
  • All components required for assembly are supplied cut to length and pre-drilled
  • Ridge and eaves components are too long to be supplied in one piece so two lengths are supplied with offset joins required to preserve structural integrity
  • External eaves height 7'0" (2140mm)
  • Internal eaves height 6'7" (2050mm) to underside of glazing bars
  • Internal height 6'7" (2000mm) to underside of eaves beam
  • External roof projection 9'10" (3000mm) at 10 degrees roof pitch
  • External ridge height 8'8" (2650mm) at around 10 degrees roof pitch with standard posts
  • External ridge height 9'4" (2850mm) at around 15 degrees roof pitch with standard posts
  • External ridge height 8'4" (2550mm) at around 7 degrees roof pitch with standard posts
  • External ridge height 7'10" (2400mm) at around 7 degrees roof pitch with posts 150mm shorter
  • Projection of posts 7'7"-9'1" (2300-2780mm) from wall to inside of posts

Flexible and adjustable design

  • Adjustable ridge height - the roof pitch and therefore the ridge height is variable. Ideally the roof pitch should be at least 10 degrees but if required it can be reduced by a few degrees or increased up to a maximum of 15 degrees. These are not absolute limits and assembly is possible with a slightly lower or higher roof pitch if required.
  • Adjustable eaves height - the eaves height can be reduced by cutting the posts, which reduces the ridge height by the same amount.
  • Adjustable post positions - the cantilevered design allows the posts to be moved away from the corners if required to avoid an obstruction.
  • Adjustable eaves beam position - the main eaves support beam can be set back from the front if required to avoid an obstruction.
  • The posts can be set in from each corner by between 300mm and 450mm to each side.
  • The eaves beam can be set back from the front by between 200mm and 700mm.
  • If you cut the posts to reduce the height you may need to drill new holes in order to attach the base plates.
  • In normal circumstances we do not advise cutting the posts by more than 150mm (6"), which reduces the clearance below the eaves beam to around 1850mm (6'1").

POWDER COATED ALUMINIUM: Extruded hollow section aluminium profiles are cut to size and drilled or welded to form a lightweight and strong frame. Aluminium is ideal for outside use because it does not corrode like steel. The aluminium is powder coated, a tough paint finish which has excellent weathering properties.

TWIN WALL POLYCARBONATE: Twin wall polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and very practical. Polycarbonate is safe with small children or pets around and easy to handle during installation. Tinted polycarbonate reduces glare by diffusing light in the same way as sunglasses.

LEAN TO GAZEBOS: In essence a lean to gazebo is just a large roof canopy with open sides so it provides a shady seating area immediately outside the house plus a great storage area for things which need to be kept dry. A lean to gazebo is similar to a conservatory but one step closer to the garden. Increasingly lean to gazebos are used as an inexpensive and handy general storage area for a multitude of other things including barbecues, garden furniture, cushions, wellies and a host of other sundries. With open sides the access is convenient but a gazebo is not as secure as a shed or garage. You should consider security before deciding which items to store in your gazebo.

SEALING A LEAN TO GAZEBO AGAINST THE WALL: Although it is not essential, for best results a lean to gazebo should be sealed against the host wall. There are various ways of doing this depending on the wall surface. The easiest way is a simple silicone seal but this will require the most maintenance. Adhesive flashing is a more permanent solution but it will also require occasional maintenance. The best seal is lead flashing dressed into the existing mortar, which requires little or no maintenance. However, it is the most expensive option and normally requires a plumber. With no seal at all, a lean to gazebo still provides a waterproof canopy and although the walls may be damp on occasion this may not be a problem. Lean to gazebos are normally supplied with no flashing or sealant included due to the various different options available to suit different sites and individual requirements.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the projection and the second dimension is the width. The projection is measured from the existing building.

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