Metal Gazebo 85 - Aluminium Frame, Fibreglass Roof

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Metal Gazebo 85 - Aluminium Frame, Fibreglass Roof
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Pictures 1, 2 and 3 show the standard 11'6" diameter gazebo. Pictures 4 and 5 show the standard 9'6" diameter gazebo.


These metal gazebos are 9'6" diameter (2.9m) or 11'6" diameter (3.5m). Maintenance free throughout, these hexagonal gazebos feature a white powder coated aluminium frame and a slate effect moulded fibreglass roof. Other luxury features include intricate balustrades and decorative lattice trims with a unique click lock fixing system. The eaves height is a spacious 6'6" (2.0m). Installation is simple and straightforward. A free installation DVD is supplied. The roof is made in six prefabricated panels which are easy to handle and overlap each other neatly at the hips. The base plates include pre-drilled holes for fixing down into a patio or lawn. These gazebos are suitable as a smoking shelter or a hot tub cover.

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  • Maintenance free materials throughout - only requires occasional cleaning with soapy water
  • White powder coated tubular aluminium posts
  • White powder coated tubular aluminium handrails
  • White powder coated tubular aluminium kickrails
  • Grey slate effect moulded fibreglass roof
  • Concave pagoda roof design
  • White moulded PVCu balustrades
  • White moulded PVCu lattice trims
  • Suitable as a smoking shelter
  • Possible use as a hot tub cover
  • Unique click lock fixing system - prefabricated balustrades and lattice trims simply click in place
  • Each roof section overlaps the next to ensure a watertight roof
  • Predrilled roof sections bolted from inside
  • Heavy duty anchor bolts connect roof panels to support posts
  • Apex finial bolted from inside with no external holes to ensure a watertight ridge
  • Free roof support bar holds roof panels in place during installation to ensure safer and simpler completion
  • Can be positioned on any flat level surface including patios, paving slabs, concrete or timber decking
  • Support posts include predrilled flanges for simple securing to base
  • 4'6" wide entrance (1380mm)
  • 3'1" high handrails (950mm)
  • Eaves height 6'6" (1980mm)

9'6" diameter (2.9m) gazebo

  • 6 sides, i.e. hexagonal
  • External size 9'6" diameter (2900mm)
  • Minimum base size 10'2" diameter (3100mm)
  • Ridge height including finial 11'10" (3600mm)

11'6" diameter (3.5m) gazebo

  • 7 sides, i.e. heptagonal
  • External size 11'6" diameter (3500mm)
  • Minimum base size 12'2" diameter (3700mm)
  • Ridge height including finial 13'2" (4000mm)

POWDER COATED ALUMINIUM: Extruded hollow section aluminium profiles are cut to size and drilled or welded to form a lightweight and strong frame. Aluminium is ideal for outside use because it does not corrode like steel. The aluminium is powder coated, a tough paint finish which has excellent weathering properties.

FIBREGLASS ROOF: The strong and durable roof is constructed from prefabricated fibreglass panels. Fibreglass is an ideal roofing material, being very durable and lightweight but also very strong and impervious to water. The panels are moulded from a genuine slate roof which gives the roof a pleasing appearance with an authentic finish. The panels are lightweight but rigid and easy to handle. Each panel overlaps the next and the panels are quickly bolted together. A heavy duty metal ridge assembly is also included. The finished roof is attractive, strong and very durable.

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