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  • Google Customer Reviews provide the best possible insight into genuine customer experiences.
  • Unlike most internet reviews, only genuine customers can leave a Google Customer Review.
  • You have to buy from us before you can review us.
  • Immediately after you order an invitation to participate is displayed.
  • If you agree, you will receive one email shortly before delivery.
  • It takes seconds to leave your review.
  • You can add a comment if you want.

We consistently achieve high rates of customer satisfaction despite some challenges:

  • Most of our products are large, heavy, fragile and very difficult to deliver.
  • Most of our customers choose our cheapest products, often at the cheapest prices in the UK.
  • Most of our customers choose fast express delivery, which is less reliable than our slower specialist delivery service.
  • We proudly offer installation and even baselaying around the UK which increases the chances of a hitch.

We work hard to satisfy every customer. We are also proud to offer a huge choice from the cheapest to the most exclusive and we offer fast delivery whenever possible. While it is easy to satisfy our higher spending customers we also satisfy customers who chose the cheapest products with express delivery. Now we can prove it before you buy.

Please help other customers to decide. When you order from us please say "yes" to Google Customer Reviews and please tell other potential customers about your experience - thank you.

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